... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 39 Day 4

Apparently, we’re not the only ones biting our teeth impatiently.  Of course, many people want to know how things are going or how we’re doing.  We are very grateful for the concern.  As you can see, we are still waiting.
We are struggling to remain patient.  But certain questions don’t make this any easier.  Questions like, “How long are ‘they’ gonna let you go?” or “are you dialated?”  “Have you tried (fill in the blank), to help things along?”  The blank being any number of things from long walks and jumping jacks to eating really spicy foods. 
  Again, we know everyone out there means well, but we would like a whole barrel of shhhhhh to dole out.  Not to be an ass.

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