... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 Weeks 2 days old

We always joke around about what our mutant powers would be.  Useful things like being able to talk to Salmonella so I know how long to cook my food. (get it?  When my food stops talking to me, it’s done because the Salmonella is dead!)
   But now I have discovered that as a new father I really do have powers!  And they are awesome.  Here they are:

-Can go long periods without bathing.
-High pain threshold on the ends of my arm hair follicles
-Become adept at using one hand for almost everything while holding a baby
-Decreased testosterone levels. (For real!  This actually happens!)  I guess it makes us    less aggressive or something and therefore more nurturing. 
-Able to wake up instantly at all hours of the night.

With this great power comes great responsibility.  Unfortunately, it also has a weakness.  That would be my daughter who can melt my heart in an instant with a smile.  As seen about 2/3 of the way through this video of Von Bebe waking up in the morning.  Literally, I took this first thing yesterday morning.  This is how she wakes almost every single day.  Enjoy.


  1. ...been meaning to speak to you about that first super power.

    Very cute video. How can we all start our day like that?

  2. That was BW BTW posting that

  3. Yeah, my wife's not too thrilled about the whole not bathing thing. I didn't say it's a super power for other people. Just me.
    Von Bebe doesn't seem to mind so far.