... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

... Or parenthood from the male perspective.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

16 Days Old

We have a fussy baby.  I know.  All babies are fussy.  It's just one more thing we're trying to figure out along with all the other parents throughout history.
  One of the most effective things I can do is to walk with her.  Fortunately we have a round round house so I can walk in a big circle.  Pacing one room would likely drive me more crazy than I am now.  
   Both of our dogs have been great so far.  We're being sure to pay attention to them so they don't feel kicked out of the pack.  We'd like to think they have fully embraced the new member of the family.  It seems like they are more protective when someone comes to the door.  Although the big one does appear to have some jealousy issues.  But that's always been the case between me and my wife.
   Here he is being really sweet.  

When calming our daughter by walking around in circles I am being closely monitored by the big dog.  We don't hesitate to anthropomorphize the dog by telling ourselves he's just looking out for his little sis.  But the truth probably is he just likes the way she tastes and would lick her nonstop if we let him.  Even the dog is an ass. But we still love him.

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